Favors the Bold.

Are you Arkansas Bold? A Message from Governor Hutchinson

You’re not like everyone else. We admire that.

We welcome it. Because Arkansas favors game changers like you, the men and women with ideas too far ahead for the shortsighted and too brazen for the timid. We are a place that favors the fearless.

We favor the adventurous. The tenacious and the bold. If you have a vision that challenges convention, continue with our story. Because our story is a lot like yours.

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Arkansas Favors
The Bold.

Arkansas Favors the Bold.


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40%of the U.S. population is within
one day's drive.
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Start here. Go anywhere.

In business, location isn't a place. It's every place. By way of soaring, floating or rolling, Arkansas is the launching pad to every city, remote outpost, port of call, hot spot and demographic imaginable.

1,000Miles of navigable waterways

1,677Miles of Class 1 railroads

16,416Miles of state and U.S. highways

In the middle
of the action.

The major thoroughfares that connect Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Dallas, pass through Arkansas.

Arkansas's geographic location in the heart of the markets we intend to serve and the state's well-developed transportation infrastructure make Arkansas a great place for Big River Steel.

-John Correnti, Chief Executive Officer, Big River Steel

At the top
of your game.


Number of Fortune 500
companies founded in Arkansas: 7

Business in Arkansas is borderless, allowing entrepreneurial spirit and brazen ambition to expand unfettered. The result is astonishing. Here, quiet giants build global empires and humble champions triumph on the world stage.



Arkansas is a
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A workforce that works wonders.

Arkansans are fiercely proud people who step-up to any job. We see ourselves not just as a strong workforce, but united friends and neighbors dedicated to elevating our communities. If you're looking to change the world, we know just the right people to help you do it.

Over half of our population is ready to work

Thanks to our 100% commitment to education

Arkansas boasts the 2nd highest
manufacturing employment in the South.

– National Association of Manufacturers

Because our workforce is prepared to use one of their sharpest tools – their minds.

Great workforces aren’t born; they’re educated in the classroom. STEM is a statewide, public school initiative emphasizing the core disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. From these fields of study emerge tomorrow’s leaders of 21st century industries.

x 60,000

We provide leadership
on the manufacturing floor

and the
corner office

We do so with collegiate-level academics that create an enviable pool of professional talent. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is a leading teaching institution for cancer research. Hendrix College is a Top 100 liberal arts college. And at the University of Arkansas, the Sam Walton College of Business is among America's Best Graduate Schools.



Northwest Arkansas boasts
300+ Startups
in the last 5 years.
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Our main industry is success.

On any given day in Arkansas we’re curating the world’s largest private database and operating one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers, while commanding the world’s dominant retail empire. Here, fortune finds many forms.

We export

And import
global interest.

129International Companies/



1 Word for Success: Arkansas.

I like to say that a piece of Little Rock is always flying somewhere in the world because of the craftsmanship, ingenuity and dedication of our employees here.

—John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet

You don't have to start big to make it big in Arkansas.

With so many ideas in circulation, Arkansas is an industry melting pot from which one success builds on another.

Elbow grease leads to rubbing elbows.

Our unique blend of industries instantly connects you to a lucrative Rolodex of resources, talent and decision-makers. Here, global retailers are neighbors to massive data curators. Biotechnologists rub elbows with industrial manufacturers. Alternative energy providers share communities with logistics specialists.
Remember, achieving success isn’t just about what you know but also about who you know.



Our Capital City was ranked#1
Place to live
in small to mid-size cities by Kiplinger magazine.
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Life, with a blend of everything.

Tellingly, many of the entrepreneurs and visionaries who became giants in Arkansas elected to stay in Arkansas. A perfect balance of pleasure and business makes ours a hard place to leave.

We're on the right side of outside

Arkansas is where the outdoors earned its reputation for greatness. Here, golf clubs never stay in winter storage, fishing rods are always at the ready, and hunters have 3 million acres of public hunting lands to bag the big one.

Local hunters estimate that 1/5th of the nation's duck population passes through Stuttgart, Arkansas every year.

A state of perfect harmony

Philip Mann is the immensely talented Music Director of The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, which reaches more than 165,000 people through concerts and in-school performances. A past winner of the Vienna Philharmonic's Karajan Fellowship, Mann leads the ASO with a bold and expressive baton. See how Arkansas inspires Philip Mann to be Bold.
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In Arkansas, eating is a beloved pastime. Every corner of our state teems with cultural gems. And we're not just talking about our peculiarly high number of celebrated greasy spoons and five-star bistros. Arkansans take a personal interest in eating-done-right. No backyard is without a grill, each family has a secret recipe, and every college football game is met by an army of spatula-wielding tailgaters.

Johnny Cash is an Arkansan. So are Levon Helm, Conway Twitty, Al Green and Evanescence. Fact is, all of Arkansas is a stage from which blues, country, rock n' roll and even classical arrangements play night and day.

From the Blues to
every hue in the rainbow.

Ours is a rich and edifying culture thanks in large part to the bold visionaries who not only stayed in Arkansas, but also elected to give back. State treasures like Crystal Bridges, Arkansas Arts Center, the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, and the Clinton School of Public Service are made possible by the servant leaders who make Arkansas their permanent home.

A beautiful place for a drive

The Bold plant their flags in Arkansas and often leave their legacies. We are the beneficiaries.


Today's Game-Changers

4th lowest
cost of doing business in the U.S.
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The entrepreneurial spirit created by our bold trendsetters has made Arkansas a hub of international commerce and is launching a new generation of dealmakers and trendsetters. Going with what works, Arkansas is committed to empowering start-ups and visionaries with open collaboration, unparalleled resources, beneficial policies and a willingness to get things done.

Arkansas boasts the 4th lowest cost of
doing business in the U.S. - CNBC

American Vegetable
Soybean & Edamame,

Where Academia Meets Application

Located in the nation's soybean basket, American Vegetable Soybean & Edamame, Inc. co-founder Raymond Chung collaborates with the University of Arkansas to create healthier, soy-based snack foods.

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''We make healthy snacks that people can't wait to eat.''

- Raymond Chung, Co-founder of American Vegetable Soybean & Edamame, Inc.

Acumen Brands

Logistically Logical Location

Through an intimate understanding of SEO, SEM, social media marketing, Acumen generates online conversations worldwide. Arkansas's physical and digital infrastructure gives the company a huge advantage.

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''From our vantage point, we have complete access to the world.''

- John James, M.D., CEO of Acumen Brands

Fostering next-gen innovation

Our history as retail and logistics trailblazers is helping to develop a new generation of thought-leaders. Start-up hubs like Made in Arkansas, Argenta Innovation Center and Innovate Arkansas bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization, while accelerators like the ARK Challenge are funding and supporting new tech companies.

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Arkansas Favors
The Intrepid.

Arkansas Favors the Bold.


Next steps.

Governor Asa Hutchinson

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Next Steps

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